Using (LC)MS to Mine the Minutiae of Milk


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                Using (LC)MS to Mine the Minutiae of Milk


                报告题目:Using (LC)MS to Mine the Minutiae of Milk

                报告人:Don Otter



                报告内容:Professor Don Otter will talk about the different components in milk and how the techniques of HPLC and MS can be used to understand their interactions and how they can be modified during milk processing.


                With more than 30 years of experience in the dairy industry, Don has worked in both academic and industry settings. Originally from New Zealand, Don holds a MSc in Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. After graduating, Don spent a combined 11 years working for government research labs in New Zealand researching processing technologies for plant, animal and microbial products. He also consulted with the dairy industry regarding the processing of sheep, goat and deer milk. For 16 years, Don worked on the various analytical and functional properties of whey and casein proteins from milk and colostrum in different food systems at the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute and Fonterra Research Centre. Also, for the past five years, Don has been an honorary Associate Professor at the University of Auckland in the Food Science program, working with 15 Ph.D. and Master candidates. Don joined the Center for Dairy Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison in late 2015 to set up and run an online course for the dairy industry (Certificate in Dairy Processing), help with research projects and supervise post-graduate students. After 3 years in the US Don returned home to New Zealand and currently works at Auckland University of Technology and consults to the global dairy industry.